The Dungeness Estate,by Christopher Simpson

The Dungeness Estate,by Christopher Simpson
The Dungeness Estate on Cumberland Island (as it once was.) Read more about this and other paintings by Chris at (Copyright-Chris Simpson Fine Art)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Doing a quick study for a painting usually helps an artist..

Hi Art-lovers. I have people ask me at times how I begin a painting or what it takes to get the painting results you want.
Years ago I was commissioned to do a large painting of four by six foot in size. 
Before begging the actual original art, I knew I would need something to keep me inspired throughout the creation and completion process. 
I have decided to share this with those who might also be encouraged to paint or just want to know more about how this particular artist reached success.
This example you see is very small, approximately 9"x12." 
Never let the size fool you in a painting. I have seen some amazing art in such a compact scale.
The point was to get in as much impact in the way of color, composition and feeling into a landscape as possible. Keeping it loose and making a basic sketch in paint is one of the goals.
I mentioned feeling. This may sound unusual for a landscape, however what I mean must be felt by the artist and attemped to communicate to the viewer something beyond "realism," yet may come across in a real way.
In my vision I try to meet with someone's request, yet not omitting the essence of the creative process. Thank goodness I've rarely had failures. 
Being an artist is a constant challenge, especially these day's, but I'm a firm believer anything is possible and can be overcome.
Feel free to click on the jpeg above to get a little closer look! To see what the original looks like, go to home page.  
Hope someone appreciates.   
Chris Simpson