The Dungeness Estate,by Christopher Simpson

The Dungeness Estate,by Christopher Simpson
The Dungeness Estate on Cumberland Island (as it once was.) Read more about this and other paintings by Chris at (Copyright-Chris Simpson Fine Art)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

One of my more recent original oil paintings. "Influence,Originality and Quality of Brushstroke"

The maturity in an artist work and their growth is seen and felt over a vast amount of time as they develop their style. This is certainly true of what I'm seeing in my work of recent years. I now have a deeper appreciation and understanding for some of the movements and qualities that I seemed to pass over when I was younger. We all must grow and change and can't help being influenced by those around us along the way. Eventually I feel we do this and simultaneously come back to ourselves.
So it is with this painting and the subject portrayed. This painting carries with it significant symbolism and some historical reference in my individual way of seeing and creating. This is in keeping with the long series of subjects dealing with the British Isles. Photos can never convey what the original will as with most painters. When you see a magazine cover of a Norman Rockwell or Andrew Wyeth, there is no comparing to what the artist has done on the original. It's my hope you will receive some sence of what I was aiming for in this painting. I've included some close up photos so you may view the details. If you are interested in a print of the canvas painting, please feel free to contact me at Thanks for your interest in my work and enjoy art continuously. It's a great way to deal with life . Take care.
Christopher Simpson

Artist / Art Instructor