The Dungeness Estate,by Christopher Simpson

The Dungeness Estate,by Christopher Simpson
The Dungeness Estate on Cumberland Island (as it once was.) Read more about this and other paintings by Chris at (Copyright-Chris Simpson Fine Art)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Revist A Subject: No matter the time lapsed between....Part One.

It's good to revist a subject, genre, or type of artwork for an artist.
Here I want to share with you, and hope some of you will put your two cents in for free just remembering to be nice, about going back to visit a theme or suject you used for your art in the past.
This can help us as artist when we get to an artistic block or can't think of what we may want to create in our next masterpiece.
Here in the first example, I use a more recent drawing using various graphite and some charcoal to depict my Grandmother.
They were so supportive of me in my earlier years.
Next to her, you will see another drawing I did way back in high school. I will not disclose the years. Some of you will understand why. It's actually kind of humourous in that in the original of this one, I decided to take out or edit the other three figures because I didn't feel they were as strong in the drawing.
(Before Photoshop by the way).
This one only has my Great Grandfather from the chest up. Back then in High School, the need to try to prove my skills was strong. So I feel the one of my Grandmother has certain qualities I enjoyed as well. It also gives me inspiration to maybe do some paintings from it, hence the unfinished quality in the drawing, ie. the leftover space around her.