The Dungeness Estate,by Christopher Simpson

The Dungeness Estate,by Christopher Simpson
The Dungeness Estate on Cumberland Island (as it once was.) Read more about this and other paintings by Chris at (Copyright-Chris Simpson Fine Art)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Artistic Discipline: A key to improvement....

One of the best way's to get better at anything is obviously the good old fashioned word we all can struggle with at times: DISCIPLINE.  I know, some of you might probably be thinking, not again. Seriously it can be fun and even liberating once you learn the "art," (no pun intended) of it.
We can at times tend to think of discipline as being restricting. However when you consider or find how you can have self-discipline, you will find it can be a real benefit to your success.
We all have to work at it, although I've found for some it presents more of a challenge than others.
Also our desire or continued interest has much to do with this subject of discipline.The drawing here of my hand holding a pear is an example. Holding the position in my hand as students were filling the room was a challenge indeed, hence the meaning of this blog. When you set a target goal to be determined to finish this and make it good, you will suprise yourself sometimes.We have to stick with it and realize there is a reward at the end.
It may not be what someone else would invision, but that it where true creativity begins. After all, there are so many potential artist out there who would benefit letting go of the cookie cutters.
Be different, challenge yourself, and for goodness sakes, be original. We could easily copy something for our art and at times it's good to have something to look at to find inspiration. Other times you might just want to learn a style or appreciate someones approach, in these cases then full steam ahead.
I've found you will learn and grow much more when you look inside and around yourself, then try to come to it with a freshness no one else is doing. Move on from copying. Yes I studied the pear and my hand, however as in much of my hard work, it has taken great discipline to move beyond the obvious into a personal representation meant to challenge us toward a greater vision somehow. From an artist perspective, one can hope and trust somewhere another will find value and appreciation for the laborious task.  
In hopes to be understood here please let me know if this helps someone to be more creative.
It's your choice. Choose wisely and have fun.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dealing with Rejection...

There is so much I could say about this subject as I've encountered my unfair share of it and I'm sure you have as well. People feel this horrible emotion at some time or other and for artist it can be overwhelming at times. So for all us artist I have to say, we are not the only ones.Today I've come to a greater and more important realization.
Since God is above all things and He loves his creation, why should we worry about rejection or what happens? Everyone struggles and if you are one of those who just insist on not believing or trying to, this may not be for you. I hope you'll consider this and find it helpful.
He, (God), in His word, said All things work together to those who Love God, then I, you, we, don't have to carry the burden. He did and already proved so by dying a cruel death and get this, willingly! Something you or I don't have the strength or way to do.
When you realize this, then true freedom occurs and you'll witness incredible things in life and an ability to get through the hard stuff, even rejection from others.
The hardships of this life can never compare to what Jesus Christ gives to those who seek Him first and find Him. What others say in rejecting you comes to fact they are hurting but pray they find what you now have and for goodness sakes don't gloat over it because that's not good. Most important if you take away nothing else remember this, when we feel rejected by the world, try to imagine how many times we have rejected God and His Son and sometimes still do. Thank Him because He never has rejected us.

P.S  For those who are so gramatically correct, yes there are many capitalized words we usually do not in my blog above.
Please keep in mind, for me atleast, the importance of God, and Jesus with any reference to Him is just like how we give importance to day's of the week, month's and personal names, ect...and capitalize them.
Glory to the one who inspires us!       

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Don't "diss",it's not just another ism...ha ha

From the Webtsers Dictionary
 ISM-1) a: act: practice: process
 b: manner of action or behavior characteristic of a (specified) person or thing.
or a distinctive doctrine, cause or theory.

Just for fun thought I would write a brief bit about something I've had to deal with the unfortunate labeling of artwork over the span of my years being an artist. Some of you I'm sure understand this very quickly while some won't even take the time to try.
Oh well, sometimes we just gotta say what needs to be said.
Years ago I had someone ask me what kind of "ism" my work is, without even asking to see it as they looked down their long nose.
Let me say I'm not knocking the need in art history for having an ism now and then, it's just the fact that for all the years of hard work I've tried not to think of what category my artwork would migrate toward.
Each painting, drawing or whatever created, has to be evaluated or looked at as it's own creation for numerous reasons.
I do enjoy seeing a theme sometimes or continuity to someones art, it's just to lump things together as if it's just another one of those, impressionism's, cubism's, realism's, or whatever ism you like to name it, just does'nt get it for me. What if someone put what we care about most in just another.......ism.
I know sometimes we all do this, however let's think twice before "dissing," someone's artwork. Remember, some of them put such a risk putting themselves on the line to make it and share it.
If you read through this, thanks for hearing me out and be sure to kindly comment on what you think of this new forum I'm starting.
Christopher P. Simpson          

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Inspiration Chris get's from a Fisherman in Destin Florida, New Oil Painting

One of our favorite places in the family has been Destin Florida and for years we have made the journey to this area to get away.
While there a few years ago, I saw a man fishing at the jetties and asked him if he would mind me doing some artwork of him?
He said, go right ahead, so I did a couple of sketches and photos and earlier this year finally finished the original oil painting.
Although it was closer to morning, I liked the idea of making the sky different in color and for the sake of composition leave something up to the imagination. That's why you don't see his "catch."
The water in Destin is one of my favorite's in the world. It takes on an emerald green, hence the nickname, "The Emerald Beach." The sand is as white as sugar and you'll take note of it in the distance across to the
other side of east pass. It was important not to include the bridge for to me this would be a distraction from the subject.
Hope you enjoy this first in a new possible "series" of paintings relating to fishing or fisherman.
My Grandfather loved fishing so this painting has much personal meaning as well. 

We have not decided currently as to how this original will be available in print. Anyone who would like to know more contact the artist via email: or call 678-993-7355.
He does indicate it will be very low in number if the decision is made to have it in print format.  

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Doing a quick study for a painting usually helps an artist..

Hi Art-lovers. I have people ask me at times how I begin a painting or what it takes to get the painting results you want.
Years ago I was commissioned to do a large painting of four by six foot in size. 
Before begging the actual original art, I knew I would need something to keep me inspired throughout the creation and completion process. 
I have decided to share this with those who might also be encouraged to paint or just want to know more about how this particular artist reached success.
This example you see is very small, approximately 9"x12." 
Never let the size fool you in a painting. I have seen some amazing art in such a compact scale.
The point was to get in as much impact in the way of color, composition and feeling into a landscape as possible. Keeping it loose and making a basic sketch in paint is one of the goals.
I mentioned feeling. This may sound unusual for a landscape, however what I mean must be felt by the artist and attemped to communicate to the viewer something beyond "realism," yet may come across in a real way.
In my vision I try to meet with someone's request, yet not omitting the essence of the creative process. Thank goodness I've rarely had failures. 
Being an artist is a constant challenge, especially these day's, but I'm a firm believer anything is possible and can be overcome.
Feel free to click on the jpeg above to get a little closer look! To see what the original looks like, go to home page.  
Hope someone appreciates.   
Chris Simpson                   

Sunday, April 3, 2011

"You can always work on an oil painting,..."

Well it's a beautiful day out and here I am inside, but for a good reason. Today I want to share with you something my Grandmothers used to say about painting when I was growing up.
The famous line is, are you ready, o.k. here it is, "you can always work on an oil painting."
Of course the other side of the coin is for the artist to know when to stop. I can just imagine all you die hard artist, (and any who have tried) out there laughing because you know exactly what I mean.
Let's go back though to the first statement, you can always work on an oil painting. For me recently this became so true because the latest painting I posted on my blog was standing in my studio and I just could not stop looking at it and thinking, "what is wrong with this picture."
In looking carefully, I decided the background was just too confusing and the painting was loosing something. Instead of adding anything I took some of it out. The man standing next to the woman and the "Bogart like" reflection in the mirror. While this was a good idea perhaps for another painting or piece of art, I knew it just did'nt feel right, so, out it went.
I also felt there needed to be something else in it but not too much to distract us from the focal point, the figure of the woman.
In searching for some more of a soulful painting, and several modifications around it such as the dress and touches to her face here and there, the idea came to me like a light bulb being fliped on. 
Those who know the personal story of my "cross," I've worn for years may apprectiate this one.
I thought about how her lower hand did not have anything but her other had the stem of flowers. After considering this a while, her face seem to be in a state of deep thought so I realized she had no jewelry yet I did not want any around her head or just a ring on her finger so why not dangle a neclace with the cross?
As I painted this in there was no question, I had it.
She is complete.
So in search of a title I had two different ones, however nothing seamed right. When our friend came over who is a wonderful Christian writer/singer I had to ask her what she would name this one. She said what about, "Pondering her beliefs?"
My wife and I immediately agreed and so it was settled.
I felt I needed to maybe share this because there may be someone this may help somehow. I hope you enjoy and understand how this was such a good learning experience for me and the result is worthwhile to you as well.
I can still here my Grandmothers saying as I may have struggled with one of my early paintings, "you can always work on an oil painting." Wish they could see what I've been doing in recent years! Well that's all for now. I'll be adding more soon!!
To see what the painting looked like previously, please check out the previous blog by scrolling down from this one. Thanks!

To see the original oil painting, "Pondering Her Beliefs," or to make a purchase of a print of it, please contact the artist. (Info below photos.)
If the painting is in a gallery, show or otherwise he will gladly let you know how else to view it.

Here are some details of the painting.

Closer view of the Cross hanging from her hand. Completely enhancing the compostion.

Closeup of the Chair. Loose brushwork create more expression or feeling.

Note the texture in the hands and flowers.

Compostition and expression have become important elements in my artwork.         

Monday, March 21, 2011

Current status update. What Chris has been up to...

To any and all fans and people who enjoy art.

Well March is here again and hope you all are enjoying it without too much "spring fever."
I have been busy teaching art as well as working diligently on many new works of art I hope to share with you soon.
Time is of the essence as you well know, so keep in touch with me and anyone interested personally may still contact me via email. (
Have a great spring and be back with some visuals soon.

I will also keep you informed on how you may view original work and any shows you may be able to see my artwork firsthand.

Christopher P. Simpson