The Dungeness Estate,by Christopher Simpson

The Dungeness Estate,by Christopher Simpson
The Dungeness Estate on Cumberland Island (as it once was.) Read more about this and other paintings by Chris at (Copyright-Chris Simpson Fine Art)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dealing with Rejection...

There is so much I could say about this subject as I've encountered my unfair share of it and I'm sure you have as well. People feel this horrible emotion at some time or other and for artist it can be overwhelming at times. So for all us artist I have to say, we are not the only ones.Today I've come to a greater and more important realization.
Since God is above all things and He loves his creation, why should we worry about rejection or what happens? Everyone struggles and if you are one of those who just insist on not believing or trying to, this may not be for you. I hope you'll consider this and find it helpful.
He, (God), in His word, said All things work together to those who Love God, then I, you, we, don't have to carry the burden. He did and already proved so by dying a cruel death and get this, willingly! Something you or I don't have the strength or way to do.
When you realize this, then true freedom occurs and you'll witness incredible things in life and an ability to get through the hard stuff, even rejection from others.
The hardships of this life can never compare to what Jesus Christ gives to those who seek Him first and find Him. What others say in rejecting you comes to fact they are hurting but pray they find what you now have and for goodness sakes don't gloat over it because that's not good. Most important if you take away nothing else remember this, when we feel rejected by the world, try to imagine how many times we have rejected God and His Son and sometimes still do. Thank Him because He never has rejected us.

P.S  For those who are so gramatically correct, yes there are many capitalized words we usually do not in my blog above.
Please keep in mind, for me atleast, the importance of God, and Jesus with any reference to Him is just like how we give importance to day's of the week, month's and personal names, ect...and capitalize them.
Glory to the one who inspires us!       

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Anonymous said...

Outstanding commentary with the portrait of the cross and beach.